$13,000 Settlement for Consumers

A husband and wife had their accounts closed, without warning, by a bank. They retained Darr Law to help get their lost rewards back. Using our in depth knowledge of federal consumer protection law, we were able to assert a number of claims that were […]

Client Uses Arbitration When American Express Revokes Earned Miles

American Express is one of the many banks that issues rewards credit cards. These credit cards give rewards to consumers for spending on the cards. Additionally, the banks will encourage new users by offering one-time signup bonuses if a user spends a certain amount of […]

Client Save $6,000 Against Landlord in Arbitration

Our client lives in Los Angeles, CA. He moved into a unit that seemed nice until he discovered that his upstairs neighbor made noise at all hours of the night. He left before his lease was over. His Landlord served him with a bill for $6,000 […]

Free Samsung S7 and $1,000 for Client

A client purchased the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Shortly after purchase the camera stopped working and the screen was unresponsive. The user contacted Samsung to have the phone replaced.

This is only a small sample of the cases that we have pursued and WON for our clients.


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