Why Experience Matters – Wells Fargo Arbitrations

When choosing a lawyer, it’s no surprise that you want someone with experience. This is doubly true in the lesser-known world of arbitration. Arbitration is advertised as an alternative to your usual Court of Law, but there are many tricks and difference between Arbitration and Court.

Big businesses know the tricks and the differences, and they use them to push consumers around. This was recently discussed in the L.A. Times.

The article provided a lot of great information for its readers about arbitration and how businesses use it against their customers.

[B]ig companies like Wells Fargo love to force customers into arbitration because the companies are heavily favored in the process. They’re repeat players, so they have familiarity with the system. . . . And they can bar customers from filing class actions, which for a corporation is a big plus.

For better or worse, all of this is true! That is why it is so important that consumers hire attorneys who are experienced specifically with consumer arbitrations. Your opponents will have experience defending consumer arbitrations. Make sure you have a lawyer who is experienced is pursuing consumer arbitrations.


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