Learn More about Darr Law and Arbitration

Arbitration is like a private court proceeding. Instead of a judge, a neutral arbitrator will hear your case. Usually, the neutral arbitrator is a retired judge. With arbitration, your case is handled professionally and fairly, but faster than a typical court experience.

There is no cost to hire Darr Law. Darr Law collects its attorney fees directly from the company should we succeed in settling or proving your claim.

After failing to find a resolution through customer service, many customers feel that there are no options to fight back against corporations. In fact, most companies do not allow the consumer to bring a claim in court or in front of a jury. Instead, consumers agree to resolve their claim through arbitration or in small claims court, processes that may be foreign, daunting, and intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with it. Darr Law comes to your aid by representing your interests in these disputes.

Most consumer arbitration disputes of this nature are Documents-Only meaning the parties will not have to attend a hearing or appear telephonically. In the event that an appearance is requested or necessary, the client may attend or Darr Law will appear on the client’s behalf.

Once you submit an inquiry, we will respond to you within one business day. If we can help and you agree to the terms of representation, we will file your claim promptly. It may take one month, even two months, before we receive an initial response to your claim. We will not contact you until we have information regarding your claim. Please be patient with the process and realize that our lack of communication does not mean we are not working on your behalf. It just means we have not heard back or nothing has happened yet.


Please complete this form for your FREE claim assessment and evaluation. Someone from Darr Law Offices will contact you within 1 business day. By submitting this form you understand that Darr Law Offices will review your claim to see if it is a claim pursued by the Firm. Sending this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Please do not include any sensitive information in this form.